Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Hey y'all!  Since the business side of Southern Sideboard is on hold, I thought I would get back to sharing the yummy recipes my family enjoys.  And what better way than to recap our Easter.
Please pardon the sloppiness of this post - I was in entertaining mode and not Public Relations mode.  But you can get an idea and, more importantly, the recipes!!!

First and foremost, here is why I do what I do.

The Bogle Boys all dressed up for Easter Service

Father and Sons.  You can see where my boys get their good looks!

Mama and her boys 

After Church we came home and enjoyed a fun afternoon with family and our soon-to-be family. Yep- there is a wedding in our future!!! My sweet brother-in-law is getting married in just under a month.  I took very little pictures.  In fact, the food is from a leftover plate the hubby fixed up the next day.  Blogger fail.

Cheese Straws and Deviled Eggs are a classic Southern appetizer 

Lunch consisted of a roast rack of lamb, honey baked ham, herbed new potatoes, pesto salad and Sister Shubert dinner rolls 

Roast Rack of Lamb*recipe to follow

My  not quite set table.....

Silly soon-to-be cousins after a fun Easter Egg Hunt 

Again with my boys...I love that they wanted to stay in their "fancy clothes"

So that is a glimpse of Easter in our neck of the woods.  I hope yours was wonderful.  As promised here is my recipe for roast rack of lamb.
I hope you enjoy!