Sunday, August 16, 2020

Movie Night with Suburban Soiree


We are returning to whatever normal is around here with school starting Monday.  Sports are still cancelled for the fall so I really wanted to do something family friendly and super cute this weekend.  The boys have been visiting their Granddaddy and Gigi in the mountains so I selfishly wanted them close to me and not out and about where I'd have to share their attention.  Bring on movie night!

All summer we have enjoyed outdoor movies however, the weather did not cooperate.  No worries - I piled everything in my itty bitty kitchen area and honestly, the coziness of it all was perfect (save for my youngest who literally did not stopping talking the entire movie.....he comes by it honest).

I follow Amy Wiley of Suburban Soiree on Instagram.  She has the most adorable napkins!  Recently, she posted this Shark printable kit for Shark Week, which I fell in love with.  I mean "shark" cuterie......I die at the cuteness!  Pretty sure my boys could have cared less of the details I went to but it made the evening special and these are the memories I hope they will look back on when they were older.  "Mom was corny but she cared".  Click here to check out Amy's Etsy shop.  

Here is a sneak peak at our fun!

Amy includes a list of adorable family friendly "shark" movies if JAWS is a bit advanced for your crew.  My kids wanted to watch THE MEG but I can barely handle JAWS myself - ha!

The kit includes an interactive Shark Bingo set

This Shark-Cuterie graphic may or may not have been the reason I bought the kit.  Too stinkin' cute!

                         Blue Jello with Swedish Fish made for a fun dessert.

                          Next up, back to school hair cuts 

                                Mama's Boys 

We are already planning our next family movie night.  I want to introduce them to the classics I grew up with this year.  Or really ANYTHING that has NOTHING to do with Fortnite or YouTube.  Who's with me? 

Thank you so much Amy for this adorable printable kit that made for such a fun night with my boys.  Be sure to check her out on Etsy or Instagram!


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  1. Lee, you did such a fabulous job and it looks like a memorable night with your boys! Thank you so much for sharing my kit. I can’t wait to see the classics you have up your sleeve!