Saturday, June 13, 2015

School's Out For Summer!

As of 3pm last Thursday, we officially have a 1st grader.  Harrison had such an amazing year - starting with the sweetest teacher.  He made new friends and had perfect scores.  His final grades had him performing at a first grade level, which is on par with his age, but still makes me happy that he is academically beyond his grade level.  I just could not have been more proud of his first year of "real school".

As I was preparing surprises for him to come home I was fully aware that I had become "that Mom" who goes a little over the top on occasion.....okay, for any little reason.  And I am pefectly okay with that because his face lit up when he saw all the fuss.  I want him to know he is worth the fuss....especially since our first order of business was a quick trip to the dentist for sealent on his molars.  TOTAL last day of school parenting fail.

Nice photo bomb, sweetie (under the poster to the right) - silly man

The Bogle Boy Summer Bucket List

Same sweet school Daddy attended

But a little ice cream cures all.  And he went on to hit his first home run later that is going to be a good summer!


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  1. What fun! (I scheduled dentist apps the day after Halloween last year-oops!)