Thursday, December 29, 2016

Featuring: From Jennifer's Kitchen

I was delighted to be gifted with a sampling of pepper jelly from Jennifer Lee of From Jennifer's Kitchen a few weeks back.  When southern hosts start thinking of a festive holiday appetizer, most immediately think of pepper jelly.  I for one cannot
remember a party growing up when mother didn't offer a brick of cream cheese drizzled with red or green pepper jelly.  Upon receiving Jennifer's Holiday and Strawberry flavors, I was on a mission to upgrade Mama's block of cream cheese.  Here are my results:

You may remember the pimento cheese fritters recipe I shared from Poogan's Porch back in the fall that I served with Jennifer's confetti pepper jelly.  So ridiculously good y'all.

For a birthday party I hosted earlier in the month, I served the Holiday jelly on top of slices of cucumbers with a sliver of goat cheese.  They were such a big hit and the cucumber was a refreshing break from heavy crackers.

Another fun and festive trick was serving the Strawberry jelly in thumbprint cheese crackers.  My son was helping me one day and started making thumbprints in the dough (thinking we were making his favorite thumbprint cookies with Hershey Kisses) and I immediately thought - well, lets fill these bad boys and give it a whirl.  Result:  fab!

Lastly, I finished off the Strawberry jelly in this Gratin last night for a get-together at a friends house.


Move aside block o' cream cheese!!! These recipes were such a hit and if you need more inspiration, check out Jennifer's website for more insanely good recipes.  You can order directly from her website and trust me, you NEED this pepper jelly in your life and definitely party of your next soiree.

Thanks so much, Jennifer!

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