Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boat Trash

Y'all, I cannot begin to tell you how quiet it is around our house without the kids.  In 7 years, I have never been without them for this long - a weekend yes, but not a whole week.  Well, once when my father died but that can't really count.  So while we are having a great time catching up with each other, friends and tackling projects, I am going to be ready to welcome them home.

Back at home from our overnight in Asheville, we opted for a night in.  The hubby wanted to watch JAWS so I decided to whip up a platter of Boat Trash and have a carpet picnic.  What is Boat Trash????  Well, whatever mess of seafood you wish to serve.  Mine was steamed crab legs, shrimp, grilled corn (cheated on the indoor grill but it was almost as good) and a bunch of deviled clams that I picked up at the local fish shop.

While indoors, we certainly had the feel of a New England clambake.  And having a sweet date night with my hubby ALMOST made me forget that we were watching JAWS, which to this day is the most terrifying movie I have ever seen.  You won't catch this girl in the water.....ever.

So yummy in the tummy.  Grab a jar of Old Bay, a steamer pot and you're ready for fun!

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