Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pecan Sandies

I have had a ball recreating southern delicacies that have somehow managed to fall out of vogue with my generation.  This whole project started years ago when I started hosting showers for friends and could not find what I wanted to serve at the grocery store.  And then it dawned on me.  My mother and her friends made things that their mother's made from recipes found in their Junior League, Church, and/or Garden Club cookbooks.  These nibbles were handmade and so much better than anything you could find at your local grocery store.

Perfecting my grandmother's cheese straws was my first goal.  I think I have come pretty darn close.  Next up was her pecan sandies.  My mother would buy the Keebler version - y'all, this is SO much better.  (No offense, Mama).

I made this batch for a silent auction basket I made for our local school carnival. Fortunately, there were a few left for the cook. They are so yummy with a cup of coffee.  Enjoy!


Pecan Sandies


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