Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back To School Fun

This has been an exciting couple of days in our house.  My baby started Kindergarten on Monday!!!  Our school does a staggered start for kinders, meaning 1/3 of the class went Monday, 1/3 went Tuesday and the final 1/3 went Wednesday.
So today is really his first day with his whole class.  I am not sure at this point who was more excited - him or his parents who work out of the house.  HA!

Harrison has started second grade with a bang and I really am excited for the adventures that await them both.  

As you can imagine, we had a bit of fanfare around these parts celebrating the start of school - starting with meet the teacher night where we greeted our new teachers with a small gift.

The wee one was so excited to be included in a back to school shin dig a neighbor hosted. After watching his big brother go off to "big boy" school, he is thrilled to be part of of this sweet school.

One of the most precious things I have seen in awhile was the Blessing of the BackPacks ceremony our church hosted last Sunday.  Each student got to bring their backpacks down front for a quick blessing and then received a cross to keep in their bag to remind them that Jesus is always with them.

 The night before school, the boys read a sweet poem from Harrison's new teacher and Spencer broke in their new homework desk to fill out some papers for his teachers.

And then it was FINALLY time to head to school.............

Annual Special First Day Breakfast

Kindergarten or bust!

Second Grade

Getting So Big......

You never know what you'll get when you ask for a silly pose.....

Sweet high five from neighbor who has one more year of preschool

Another favorite tradition is walking to school, which is right around the corner.

Settling into his desk.

I had to work for this smile.....

Is there anything better than milk and cookies after school?

It was a wonderful summer but here's to a great year!


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