Friday, December 16, 2016

Peppermint Champagne Cocktail


It doesn't take much for me to want to throw a party but when a sweet friend celebrates another trip around the sun, well, that's just a must in my book!

December birthdays
can be tough with all the demands of kids, church, school, families, etc - so a fun "girls night in" was just what the doctor ordered.  We all wore comfy clothes, no make up and just caught up while munching on yummy appetizers and the cutest cupcakes you ever did see (if I do say so myself).


When I throw a party, I always like to prepare a signature cocktail.  Since we were having a girlie night and celebrating a birthday, champagne was in order.  After a quick browse through Pinterest, I settled on these adorable Peppermint Champagne Cocktails.

To Prepare:
Fill a flute 1/3 full of Creme de Cacao and then fill the remainder of the flute with champs of choice
Garnish with a candy cane.
*NOTE:  I used regular size candy canes which were hard to open without breaking and bonked your nose with every sip.  They looked super cute but were not practical.  Next go around I will get the mini candy canes, hang off the flute and then plop in the drink for the peppermint flavor.



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