Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Falling on Magnolias

Every once in awhile, we get to enjoy a "snow day" down South.  School closed early yesterday and by nightfall, this is what our yard had transformed into:
The kiddos squealed with delight to see how much snow had accumulated before bed.
In the morning, we went out to explore....
we searched for friends......
and were thrilled when a sweet neighbor let us borrow a sled.
(that we quickly wiped out on - fortunately to squeals of delight and not cries)
It was all fun and games until the wee one got his hands wet
(nice socks huh??  Left his gloves at school - grrr!)
So we settled in for some hot chocolate
out of our Polar Express mugs
and then had a Pirate Picnic while watching Return to Neverland.
It has been a fun day but my thoughts are with my friends in Atlanta.  My home town has endured some pretty horrific traffic and reports of folks who left work at 1pm yesterday are JUST NOW getting home!  A friend took this picture at 1:30 AM after being stuck behind this bus for 12 hours and not moving an inch!!!  I am grateful for businesses that stayed open to allow shelter for stranded motorists. 
Stay warm and safe!


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  1. Looks like you and your boys had a wonderful snow-day! And how scary were all the stories from Atlanta! I hope everyone is home safe and sound by now.