Thursday, February 2, 2017

Featuring: Raddish Kids Cooking Kit

My Little Chef, Spencer

A neighbor posted a picture of her child cooking with a Raddish cooking kit and I was instantly enthralled.  As a mommy of two boys, any dreams I had of baking with a little girl and grand tea parties were abandoned a long time ago.........until one fateful day, when my baby came into the kitchen and said, "Momma, whatchu doin'?"

I didn't bat a eye lash as my elder son frequently asked the same question
only to retreat as soon as he heard the answer, which was, "cooking dinner".  So when little bit said, "can I help?" - y'all, you know my heart melted!

While both of my boys have a servant's heart, my little one loves to assist with kitchen duties.  He'll leave a board game to help his beloved Gigi clean dishes, always asks if he can take out the trash, runs to help me bring groceries in from the car  - no joke, he is a dream boat in the making!

So, since his birthday is the day before New Year's Eve, I thought this Raddish Kids Kit might be the perfect birthday gift.  He had just received everything he wanted (and didn't know he wanted) for Christmas between Santa, his parents, grandparents & extended family.  SO - I ventured out, bought him his own kitchen utensils (much to his father's disdain) and ordered up a three month subscription to Raddish Kids.  AND - he LOVED it.  *In truth, it took a little warming up to but when he went through the kit, knew he got to shopping with me and have the chance to cook everything, he got really excited.  

And let me just say - for a girl who isn't easily impressed, this kit was a home run.  January's theme was "Chinese New Year", which was a great opportunity to introduce a new food & culture. It included math lessons, science experiments and a craft. Here is our journey:

Kit Contents
ingredients, shopping list, craft & special tools needed to execute meal

Little Chef posing by his prep station

 Menu Cards: 
Pork Dumplings - complete with dumpling maker
Egg Drop Soup
Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Happy Boy

My dumplin' making dumplings

Meal presentation  
Pizza bites were an insurance clause and totally unnecessary

 This Egg Drop Soup was out of this world

If you have children that are interested in cooking, I highly recommend this company.  If you order by February 7th, you'll be able to get the February cooking kit offering a special Valentine's meal. I can't wait to get ours!!!

Bon Appetite, y'all!

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