Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sail Into Summer

Nothing makes me happier than a lark than to plan parties for my wee ones.  And what better occasion than the last day of school!  The tradition started last year, which you can read about here. We scaled the craziness down a bit this year but had just as much fun.

I substituted a full fledged ice cream bar for Popsicles , omitted water balloons (those suckers hurt, y'all) but still let the best bud spend the night.  Here's a snippet of our fun.

Sail Into Summer Jello Boats

Thanks to my sorority days, I'm still a sucker for a good door sign

Peace out 2nd Grade and Kindergarten - BEST teachers ever.......

Don't you just love when you have a theme in mind and Party City is one step ahead of you???
Loved this yard stake and the $3.00 price tag

My "Porch Rules" sign was by far my best purchase for this space.
Thank You, Sparkled Whimsy Signs via Etsy

Busting out with my best bud

Pure bliss - school's out for summer!

Apple skewers with brie, cranberries and caramel sauce are a perfect summer treat 
for a porch party.

When you get tired and realize your friends don't care about presentation - 
you dump the rest on a plate.

Popsicle Posse

Porch Party for the Mama's

No party is complete without a makeover

Sidewalk chalk - blush - whatever.........

Dude looks like a lady - they hosed off quickly

No summer party is complete without sparklers - though I am sad we seem to be outgrowing them

My rising 1st grader - time stop!

And with that - we are off to tackle our summer bucket list.  YAHOO!!!!