Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Activites

I told y'all how much I adored this idea found on Pinterest.  And I have had a total ball carrying it out!  Each morning, the wee ones find their Advent Activity pouch on their breakfast table. 

Each day there has been a fun activity, prize or treat.  And before they can play with said activity, prize or treat, they have to summarize what they have learned about to date in the Advent story. After that, we read the daily Bible verse.  Granted, H is really the only one absorbing the story but it is amazing to see S take it all in.  He will pause and say, "Baby Jesus" very sweetly and reverently.  It makes my heart so happy.
I am not going to lie - I dread the day my boys learn Santa Clause is not real.  I dread when they will be too old to want to cuddle on my lap and watch cartoons or hold my hand and want a hug before being dropped off.  At the same time, I cannot wait to see the men they will become.  My hope is that this Advent Activity tradition will enhance the magic of Christmas as they grow - from the materialistic to the very real, very personal meaning of Christmas.  And in that truth, find what it really means to BELIEVE in Christmas.

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