Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alphie's Back!!!

The day after Thanksgiving, our trusted Elf on the Shelf - Alphie - returned from the North Pole.  I (or should I say, Santa) had hinted to H that he would have to share Alphie with his younger brother this year in this post.  We are not off to a good start.  But S is starting to wise up and getting the hang of the whole ordeal. 

Alphie has arrived on Thanksgiving day for the past two years waiting with Christmas cookies when H woke from his nap.  Well, my smart-as-a-whip 5 year old informed me that he could not wait for his cookies this year from Alphie.  So Mama decided to outsmart him and Alphie showed up for breakfast last Friday.  I must say - it was an absolute hoot to see the panic on H's face when he realized it was almost time for bedtime and Alphie had not arrived.  Is that mean???  Let's just say - his behavior was perfect for the remainder of Thanksgiving.  And I did cave and assure him that Alphie was delayed in the North Pole.


It was a casual affair and this year's gift was the
25th Anniversary copy of The Polar Express book and movie.
The boys had not watched the movie or read the book yet.
Since Alphie was delayed in the North Pole - he brought take out breakfast
and scribbled a last minute note on Daddy's work pad.  Alphie was
excited about the Hot Chocolate bar, helped himself to some and brought
some in for the boys.
The boys were thrilled to see they had made Santa's "Nice" list
And the countdown is on!!!

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