Friday, February 7, 2014

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One of my New Year's Resolutions was to eliminate the eye sores from my home.  Please find Exhibit A below..........
We live in a very small yet charming cottage style home (did I mention it was small???).  We bought it prior to children when we didn't realize all the mess that comes with children.  I adored the house as soon as  I saw it and knew it was "home". 
One of my favorite aspects of the house was its adorable courtyard in the back.  It is bricked in with ivy, a wrought iron gate entrance and a faux picket fence enclosure.  It is adorable but a lot of upkeep.  So much so that I am not going to even show you pictures of the hot mess it is in its current state.  But this little plot of land has begged me to turn it into a vegetable and herb garden and this is the year it will happen.  I am blogging about it only to hold me accountable.
In a couple of weeks, the hubby will find on his "honey do" list to pressure wash the area and helping me till up this ground.  The furniture needs painting, cushions could use some love and I just can't wait for it to warm up so we can get started.
I have been blowing up my Pinterest account with all sorts of gardening ideas and here are the top 5 that I am in love with.

Williams Sonoma Agarian
I basically love this whole line but this garden kneeler will certainly come in handy.

Mason Jar Soil Tester - learn how here
First up is to get the proper soil
Starter Seed Calendar
Small Garden Planting Ideas
and the most brilliant of all - muffin tins for measuring the perfect seed spot
I can't wait to see what my garden produces this year.  The boys are excited to help me and it will be so neat to say, "hmm - let's have tomato sandwiches for lunch - let's go get one from the garden".  I am being positive as this is quite the undertaking and I have a lot to learn; but, you've got to start somewhere!!!  So I am off to say a quick prayer for my black thumb and get on with my day.
Have a great weekend!

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