Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

The wee ones may or may not get to celebrate Valentine's Day with their classmates on Friday due to the pending snow storm.....but if they do, here is a sneak peek at their fun goodies.

Harrison opted for this cute Star Wars themed card complete with a glow stick for a light saber.  I found the printable on Pinterest here

I saw a super cute printable for Spencer's gifts but the link was dismantled - so I made my own......not as cute but he's three so hopefully, the kiddo's won't be too disappointed.

The last Valentine special is for my church sweeties.  I co-lead the 3-4 year old Music Friends from 6-6:30pm on Wednesday nights at Church followed by the 3-4 year old Mission Friends class from 6:30 - 7:00 pm and I just adore those cuties.  I got this sweet printable here.  The card is attached to a mini bubble bottle.

Well, I'm off to watch for snow.  The notice went out last night at 5pm that school would be cancelled and there is nary a speck of snow on the ground or drizzle from the sky.......but it is supposedly coming.  Yuck, yuck!  I just pray we get more snow than ice and that the power doesn't go out. 

 But yeah for a fun "snow day" with the kiddos!!!

Stay warm and safe!


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