Thursday, February 13, 2014

Emergency Car Kit Copy Cat

Today I am sending you straight over to Dixie Delights for her post on Emergency Car Kits

Having been born and raised in Atlanta, I watched horrified of the traffic problems that occurred a couple of week ago.  Anyone who knows the area well cannot blame "stupid Southerners" for not knowing how to drive, nor can they blame government officials.  Yes, people should have been aware the storm was coming and made better calls should have been made about when to ice the roads and close schools down; but the issue was the traffic.  What people also don't realize is there are nearly 70 mayors that support the city of Atlanta. By the time you factor in all the cities that make up "metro Atlanta" - it ain't a small area.  And the infrastructure simply does not support the growth that Atlanta has seen.  On a good day, traffic is a nightmare - sometimes just because of the glare of the sun.  So if you want to blame government officials - you really need to go back 20+ years to the boneheads that didn't support legislation to build better roads in and around Atlanta as it was growing.  There have been studies from other cities (Charlotte for example) on how to grow without dealing with the traffic problems Atlanta has endured............but I digress and will get off on my soap box.  What really warmed my heart was seeing the outpouring of support for people in a position to help.  True Southern Hospitality at its finest as I waited for to loved ones to get home.

So I was thrilled when Amanda at Dixie Delights shared this awesome kit.  I hope my friends in Atlanta or in other cities, that commute or have jobs that put them on the road will take note of this great idea.

And to update you on the snow here - we waited patiently for snow to arrive yesterday.  We woke up wondering where it was...........

decided to sled through the house despite snow............

and woke up to this lovely site (pic courtesy of my sweet neighbor)...........

Here's the courtyard I mentioned the other day.  It's not such a "hot mess" in the snow.

Now, off to let the wee ones run some energy off in the snow!


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