Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello, Yellow!

Spring fever has hit hard!  After a cold, cold winter, I am ready for some fun in the sun.  We've started prepping the yard, courtyard and verandah (which is really simply a front porch but verandah just sounds like the south, doesn't it?) for long days spent outside........but, we must first endure weeks of Mother Nature's pollen.

EVERYTHING is yellow!!!!  My sweet hubby looked like Pig Pen from Peanuts this weekend as he mowed the lawn and blew leaves.  He was completely covered in a yellow cloud.  The trade off is that our Dogwoods, Azealas and Bradford Pears are in bloom.

Yuck, yuck!  Can't wait to get it all over with and washed away.  The good news is that in one week, I will be parked at Target to pick up all the lovely items I have been oogling over in the Lilly Pulitzer for Target look book.  My birthday is Friday and I just think it was so sweet of Target and the folks at Lilly Pulitzer to do this for me - haha.  Bring on the warm weather fun!



  1. My allergies have been so bad!! I am intrigued with the target campaign!

    1. The line looks super cute and I can't wait to see it in person. I don't think the quality will be as good but since I am currently staying home, it will be nice to get some knock-about items and not pay LP prices. I love the hammock! Hope you feel better soon.