Monday, April 20, 2015


I knew the Target campaign for Lilly Pulitzer would be popular but I am laughing to myself at the total craze it stirred.  Granted, I am not a big shopper.  I clean my closet out after each season, shop sales to fill in holes and then pick up a few fun things each season.  I realize this isn't the most economical approach to shopping but I have no patience for crowds.  So I am pretty sure my head would have exploded if I had gone to Target yesterday.  Not that it would have mattered, our store was wiped out an hour after opening.

I went online when I woke up at 6am, to make the cheese grits I shared yesterday, and tried to purchase a few things but they were already unavailable online.  My Facebook feed was full of stories of people staying up all night trying to deal with the crashing website and pictures of folks camped out.  Lilly is not hard to find people!  Google is a great source to find discounted Lilly - all sorts of sites can be found with a quick search.  In fact, Miller Monograms is selling Lilly items currently for 20% off.  Check them out on Facebook or the hyperlink above for her website.

In the meantime, curiosity killed the cat and I went to Target this morning to see the aftermath.  To my delight, this lone basket was sitting all by herself on a shelf.  Well, of course I promised to give her a good home. 

Here's hoping everyone that endured the crowds were successful and had a fun girls day.  After all, everything really is better in pink!


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  1. Love it! That basket is the one thing I wanted! Nice score! Funny that we posted similar today! Great minds!!