Monday, July 22, 2013

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

My office is closed on Friday so I take that time to clean house, do laundry and grocery shop for the weekend.  Around 2pm it dawned on me that, for a first time in a LONG time, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the humidity didn’t slap you in the face before the door could hit you on the toosh.  My husband works from home so I went up to his office and asked if he could play hookie for the rest of the day.  Delighted when he said yes, I said “forget the cleaning”, ran and picked the boys up from school and we hit the pool for the remainder of the day.  Thing 1 is becoming quite the water baby.  Swimming lessons have paid off and he is having a ball as you can see here:
Meanwhile, Thing 2 is still thinking about getting in the water though he refuses to put on his new puddle jumper.  All in good time.  Needless to say, we had a ball and ended up ordering dinner from the cabana and eating pool side.  It was wonderful!  Friday is usually our pizza and game night, but we all agreed game night could wait for Saturday.
Saturday started out having me believe we’d have another fun pool day.  The plan was to knock out some chores while the wee ones enjoyed playtime outside.  Then, we’d hit the pool after Thing 2 woke up from his nap.  The hubs was doing yard work and finally cut down this overhanging limb from our Dogwood.  I think the kiddos were more excited about it than I was and they were eager to help clean the mess.

Once again taking advantage of the pretty day, I opted for an outdoor picnic for the boy’s lunch.  It was nothing fancy – just PB&J with applesauce; but it was so fun to take it outside.  As you can see:
Unfortunately, during Thing 2’s naptime, the thunderheads rolled in and decided not to move.  Usually by the end of July, the south is subject to water rations due to drought.   It is almost August and our yard is so lush and green you would think the Easter Bunny was about to visit.  We are used to “summer showers” – quick 5 o’clock downpours that move out as quickly as they moved in.  However, this summer, these “summer showers” have moved in and hovered……..and tested my patience.  So, we made the best of the day by having a Hungry, Hungry Hippo tournament.  This classic game never gets old.

Sunday followed in Saturday’s footsteps.  It was dreary on the way to Church and beautiful on the way home.  As Thing 2 woke from his nap, the sky was purple and it thundered all the way through dinner.  I’m starting to feel sorry for our poor Lifeguards.  I think our pool has been closed more this summer than open!  But we ended the weekend on a high note.  The hubs was happy Phil Mickleson won the British Open and delighted that I honored his fly fishing pastime with a trout dinner.  Yummy Yummy.

So that is how we survived the weekend.  I am not good when things don’t go as I had planned so I guess God is trying to teach me patience with this weather.  While I wanted to be out by the pool, it really was fun being inside laughing with my boys (all 3 of them) and enjoying some good ol’ fashioned family fun.  Now it is Monday and back to work……..oh, and yes, the sun is shining.  Grrrrr!

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