Friday, September 20, 2013

Letter from Santa

I am over the moon excited for the holiday season to arrive.  I adore fall - the crisp air, the clothes, trips to the mountains, football - on and on I could go.  It is even MORE fun with the little kiddies and we already have a stream of activities planned. And while I hate to jump ahead to Christmas, I do want to make sure that my little angels behave. 

Enter the Elf on the Shelf.  Now, I am not a creative Mama who puts our Elf in silly poses each morning.  He simply hides and Harrison scurries about to find him.  This year, Spencer will join in on the fun and I want to make sure Harrison is willing to share our Elf.  SO - in an effort to get him in the sharing mindset, I drafted a letter from Santa Claus himself and mailed it from the North Pole (aka - my office).  It arrived yesterday and was a huge hit.  He was SO excited, which tickled me pink.

Knowing I wasn't the first Mama to have this idea, I went on Pinterest and found this adorable letterhead.


Now that we have that taken care of, we can back track and enjoy fall in the proper order.  First up - apple picking season.  Can't wait!!!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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