Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back To School

Yesterday marked the first day of school.  It came and went, was fabulous but I am still sitting here thinking to myself, "where the heck did summer go?"  10 weeks felt like 2 - no joke.  As they say, time flies when you are having fun; and we did have fun.  We capped our summer off with a week at the beach.  I'll have more on that later but for now, here is how we toasted the first day of school.

An apple for the teacher (with a little caramel dipping sauce) inspired by Amanda over at Dixie Delights.  Her back to school ideas and printables are pretty hard to beat.  I also love Amanda's Parties To Go - different Amanda but equally adoreable ideas.

Can't go to school hungry!!!

All the classic Back To School reads 

Somebody was not ready for a photo shoot....

My sweet boys don't look like toddlers anymore - sniffle, sniffle....

Boy Mom

I love our sweet community - just out of the pages of the old sitcom, The Wonder Years.  Our School is just around the corner and I never grow tired of this sight - Daddy walking H to school.  Is it just me or is that backpack almost as big as my boy?!?!

Watch out, world!  Well, at least 1st Grade.

And then the wee one went off to preschool.

Afternoon snack

And that just about does it!  Happy New School Year!!!!


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