Monday, July 25, 2016

Disney's Hilton Head Accommodations

Photo cred:  Disney's Hilton Head Website

We are back from a long weekend at Disney's Hilton Head Resort.  Due to several family happenings this year, we were unable to all meet up in Ocean Isle Beach this summer.  So, after a very short discussion, we opted to splurge on this wonderful vacation for the littles (and the hubby and I had just as much fun).

I have been discussing taking the kiddos
down to Walt Disney World with a friend of mine who is a member of the Disney Vacation Club.  My hat is off to all the folks who take their itty bitties down but I know the limits to my patience.  For me, the thought of traversing the park with a stroller and toddler in tow makes me cringe.  I think they are finally to the age where we can go, enjoy the day and not have to worry about naps and (fingers crossed) temper tantrums. 

In the meantime, my friend was telling me about Disney's resort on Hilton Head, which reminded me of Amanda's write up a few years back over at the Dixie Delights blog.  So, after reviewing her trip (because the website is a bit lacking) we immediately booked our get-away.

We opted for a one-bedroom villa to give us some room to move about.  It was very spacious and the full kitchen helped us to save some $$$.  The room came with a sleeper sofa so we would put the kids to bed in the bedroom and then transfer them to the sleeper sofa when we were ready to hit they hay.

Here are some pics of our accommodations and I'll be back to share the fun we had later. 



Den and eating nook




HUGE bathroom - yay!

Mudroom that offered a full washer and dryer

Porch with rocking chairs and table that you could access from den and bedroom
View of the marsh

I wanted to share these pictures because I found the website lacking.  While I trust my friend, had I not seen the Dixie Delight blog, I may have passed on this fantastic opportunity.  Check back soon for our fun adventures.


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