Thursday, July 14, 2016

Eight Is Great!

We celebrated Harrison's eighth birthday a few weeks back.  It was a small family affair as he opted
not to have a party.  He seems to be unaware of his Mama's love for any excuse to plan a party but oh well.......more Lego's.  He may be on to something here.

Special Breakfast

Little Brother spying what new toys he has to steal

Post VBS Chick-Fil-A lunch on the porch
I like their style

Best Bud over for cake before heading to the baseball game

Best bud and baseball was all he wanted for his bday.  I seriously love this kid!

I drug these kids out of the park at 9:30 pm and had to hush them up at 11:15pm.  It is so cute to hear them whispering.  Oh! To be young again.

Happy Birthday, Doodlebug!!!

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