Friday, September 27, 2013


We all have issues that we deal with on a daily basis.  I battle several but most all have a common denominator.  And while I don't wish to air dirty laundry on my blog, I realize it is important to share that we are all human with faults - that is okay to admit our imperfections.  Enter in this amazing Bible Study I am currently doing with some neighbors.

Boundaries is a fabulous study written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.  It is a 9 week focus on taking control of your life.  I am starting week 4 and I must say - to read it you are like, "duh!  that is SO obvious" but isn't it funny how things that seem obvious tend it get overlooked?  Oh, and rest assured, it is not all obvious- I am learning a great deal too.  And I don't really like what I am learning about myself.  I expect my boundaries to be respected but I am not very good at respecting others (or expressing my concern for others properly). I am also learning that I need to take time to make time for what and who are truly important in my life.  As I learned with my father's sudden death, you don't always get a chance to "do that tomorrow".

I think we all reach a point in our lives when you have to stop making excuses for past experiences in your life.  You reach a point where you have to learn that those experiences happened for a reason, learn from them, take ownership of them and move on.  That is where I currently find myself and I am amazed that as I started having this inkling, God brought this Bible Study to my attention.  It is so amazing how nothing just happens.  He has a plan and it is joyous, and sometimes heartbreaking, to watch unfold.  What I love about this study too is that it doesn't just stop at the basics.  There are other studies about Boundaries in marriage, with young children, teenage children, adult children, friends, work - so on and so forth.  I could have used this a very long time ago but it is never too late to learn.

Well, it is a beautiful day in the Carolinas and I don't wish to turn this into a therapy session (which I could probably very well use - haha).  But I would like to encourage you to read the book.  There is a workbook and a book that follows up the workbook, which I highly recommend.  You can find the materials here.  And if you can find a small group to share the experience with - all the better.

Have a great weekend!  I'll sign off with a reminder that I tell my boys.  "Jesus loves you, and I do too!"


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