Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Feasts

Fall is settling into the foothills of the Western North Carolina Mountains.  This is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  It marks the time of getting back on schedule from summer break, exciting activities with my family, focusing on finishing the year strong at work, and ushering in the holidays. 

With all that I have going on in my life as a working mommy of 2, I need all the structure I can get!!!  My morning ritual is set in stone and I'll share that with you tomorrow.  However, all I can think of right now is yummy food!  The hubs is away all week fly fishing in Montana with his Dad and brother.
Firehole in Montana sent from hubby

As such, the meals this week have been nothing to blog about. But with the falling temperatures, it is definitely time to whip up our fall favorites. I am sure hubby will be ready for some good home cooked meals as well.

Having cooked through most of Rebecca Lang's Around the Southern Table cookbook, it is time to move on to a new kitchen companion.  And while I do have a new cookbook I'm dying to test, it is time to rely on some old faithful, tried and true recipes. 

First up is a nod to Clark family traditions with Entertaining with Bluegrass Winners.  My father was born and bred in Louisville, Kentucky, and an avid outdoorsman.  Fall to me means hunting trips followed by mouth watering meals - be it dove or quail, venison, stews and father knew his way around the kitchen and a grill.  It was at his side, stealing bits of what he was making, that I learned to not only love food but preparing it for those I loved.  My mother also hails from the Bluegrass state and I without a doubt inherited her passion for decorating a pretty table. 

I miss my father terribly and my heart seems to ache for him as the temperatures cool.  It is therapeutic to make his favorite meals and enjoy a bourbon in his honor while I prepare them.  What I love about Entertaining with Bluegrass Winners is that it is broken out into seasons.  They are all good but I especially love the fall recipes. The smothered dove is out of this world!

Another favorite is a cookbook from a local Junior League just down the road in Gaston County.  Anything you ever would need to make for any occasion is in this cookbook.

Stay tuned because Sunday Suppers are about to get good!

Bon appetite!

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