Thursday, September 5, 2013

Office Assistant

I have the cutest office assistant ever!  Now that my jury duty is over, I have been able to start my afternoon schedule with Harrison.  Since he gets out of school at 12:40 pm, he comes to my office with me on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon's.  I had a ball putting together his work station and it paid off because he LOVES it!!! 

I have a feeling I am going to love this year with him.  On the way to the office this afternoon, I heard his sweet voice from the backseat say, "I like going to your office and spending time with you."  Well melt my heart!  I was afraid he would be bored so I am thrilled he likes his work station and feels special - because, after all, he is.
Day 1 - finishing off the day playing on his Leap Frog
Day 2 - hard at work practicing his letters
Now, if I could only put him on payroll.........

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