Saturday, November 23, 2013

City Tree Lighting

I am a stickler for tradition and normally don't like to start celebrating Christmas until Thanksgiving Day.  To me, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day kicks it off.  However, the decorations and Christmas cheer don't arrive in the house until the weekend following Thanksgiving. 

Well, my little ol' corner of the world made me have a slight bend of the rules last night with their scheduled Christmas Tree lighting in the square, which is conveniently just down from our house.  Hubby thought it was a  "lame" idea but after a day of listening to his nagging wife (and can be quite persistent [he'd say annoying] when I need to be) he caved and up we went. 


When we got home, we broke into the Hot Chocolate and Coffee Bar of which I shared the inspiration yesterday.
And then we settled into the movie room (AKA - the corner of Mommy & Daddy's room) to enjoy Planes.
It's going to be a good weekend!


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