Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Supper

I cheated again and bailed on Sunday Supper this week.  But this time I had a good excuse - the illness that has plagued our house finally got me yesterday. I felt rotten all day, got sick around 3 pm and was out cold in bed from 4pm - 8am this morning.  Sweet hubby swooped in and took care of the kids and me.  Every so often, he'd wake me up for more pepto pills (yuck) and ginger ale.  I love that man!!!

I was glad all this nonsense visited on Sunday as we had quite a fun-filled weekend.  My father-in-law came into town on Friday for a quick fishing trip to the Tuckaseegee River with the hubby and brother-in-law.  So Friday night's meal totally made up for me being out of commission last night.

It has been a cold, dreary week here in the Carolina's and I was in the mood for comfort food.  My original plan was pot roast but after chores and shopping, I simply didn't have four hours to prepare food.  So I opted for a quicker version with all the same flavors and served beef bourguignon with goat cheese crostini. 

H had a play date on Saturday that was so fun...........right up until the end when the driveway jumped up to kiss him.

 H wanted to show the driveway he was mad....
.....but his sweet nature prevailed.  My little trooper.
Never a dull moment!

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