Wednesday, November 27, 2013


OK - you now know Daddy's trick to grilling turkey.  Now for the second best meal of the year - FRIDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!  As I mentioned here, my family hails from Kentucky.  Well, it just so happens that my hubby was born in Louisville as well.  (Side note:  his Dad went to high school with my Dad and went to law school and clerked for the same Judge as my Uncle - SMALL WORLD!)

So the first Thanksgiving that I hosted, I sat there and wondered what to do the next day with all this darn turkey.  I went online to find some yummy recipes and stumbled across what is now another tradition in our house - the Kentucky Hot Brown.

Created at Louisville's (Loo-vul; not Lewie -ville or even worse, Louis-ville) famed Brown Hotel, this is the only recipe I've ever tried.  It is the original, amazing and there is no need to tinker.  I will say you better go get some pasta to serve later because it makes a TON of sauce. 

Photo courtesy of the Brown Hotel
Garden and Gun Magazine recently posted a recipe for Turkey Gumbo that I may try too.  Remember, I have a 12 pound turkey for 4 people.  I'm gonna have turkey coming out of my ears!!!
OK - off to finish my shopping and put the final touches on the house before guests arrive!

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