Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Manners 101

As I shared the other day, we hosted Spencer's first birthday party the other day. Therefore, we worked on properly thanking his guests over the weekend.  If you are like me, your Mama hounded the importance of thank you notes into you at an early age......and mine made an Olympic sport out of it.  She was right though, as much as I hate admitting that fact.  And so, it was my turn to share this torture with the wee one.

We made a game of it though and got through it.  I had our list of all the gifts and reminded him what each friend brought.  I then made him repeat the gift and who brought it.  Then, I made him tell me something he liked about the gift and the friend - both of which we incorporated into the card.  We concluded by saying how glad we were they could come to the party and that they were his friend.  His sign off was simply, "your buddy".  And with that, he was off to play with his new rescue bots.

Here's hoping I can make this habit less of a torture for the next generation.

Mind your manner's, y'all!

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