Saturday, January 31, 2015

Operation Wasted Space: Phase 2 - Hall Closet

I am super excited to share my latest upgrade of wasted space with you today.  This idea was lifted from Amanda over at Dixie Delights.  If you haven't seen her family room office redo, you need to check it out now here.

Part of my mission for this project was to use furniture that is currently in storage.  I have been holding on to my crib and changing table in the hopes my brother-in-law would give me an in-town niece that I could spoil rotten.  Since his timeline and mine seem to differ, I had the hubs haul it back upstairs and turned this horrendous before storage mess into an extension of my workspace.



I utilized my old changing table and placed family pictures on top, piles that need to be sorted on the middle shelf (there seem to always be piles - but now they have a home) and the bottom is simply extra candles, light bulbs and odds and ends that I intend to give away during the year.

I was also able to reuse old nursery bins for crafts, ribbons & bows, various holiday paperie and other entertaining items.

There is no hall light so I put the old nursery standing lamp to use as well.

I pulled out my old marathon medals from a drawer and actually put them on display.  Granted they are on the side wall and only I know they are there - but I worked hard for those puppies!

An old bar became home to my printer and papers.

There was just enough space to store gift bags and wrapping paper.

I'll share tomorrow how this whole area ties together.  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. What an fantastic job you've done with your closet! And just by using things you already had!! Dixie Delights sure does a lot to inspire many of us!