Friday, January 30, 2015

Operation Wasted Space: Phase 1 - Hall Storage Closet

I adore the blog 11 Magnolia Lane and they are having an organization challenge.  Check it at . This got me thinking about the bucket list of tasks I've yet to accomplish after I quit my job.  So, I finally decided to tear apart our closets and get organized.

We live in an itty.bitty.teeny.weenie house.  Furthermore, said itty.bitty.teeny.weenie house has minimal storage.  And please don't forget the wee ones and ALL.THEIR.TOYS!!!!!!  So you can just imagaine the thrill I have when the hubby comes home from fly fishing and his gear gets flopped about the porch and laundry room.  Lord knows it is hardly dry long enough to actually get put way, which is really just being shoved in the corner of an upstairs closet.  See for yourself:

We have a lot of wasted space in our house so I decided to go through each nook and cranny and give those areas a purpose.  And my first idea was the upstairs closets.  I don't know much but I know that flies don't belong on the dryer and waders and fishing coats don't go on top of books waiting to be donated to the library......grrrr.

I have a pretty deep storage closet upstairs that is usually crammed full of stuff.  (I should note my hubby has another "S" word for my stuff but whatever).  As I mentioned earlier, he usually crams his fishing gear in the other upstairs hall closet. See below. I knew there was a better way.


The second picture is my deep storage closet.  I decided this would become the fly fishing storage area. As a former Kelly's Kids sales rep, I have three clothes racks currently taking up residency in my garage.  So I grabbed one of those, hung waders, coats, backpacks and other miscellaneous items on them and stored his boots below.  I also moved all of his spinner and salt water rods into this closet with his tackle box.  POOF!  We are both happy. Well, save for his fly rod propped up against his office wall.  It isn't the most stylish organizational project but look at all the space I utilized!!!  woo hoo!


And with that, the upstairs storage closet has a new purpose.  It still holds items I don't use often but now also houses the hubby's fishing gear.  The best part is that the rack in on wheels for easy mobility.  I'm one happy lady!  Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow on what I did with the other hall closet.  I'm super excited about that transformation!


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