Monday, January 20, 2014

Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken/ Egg Salad with Smoked Salmon Tartines

We enjoyed Sunday Supper on a Saturday because Brian's mother (Grammie) had us over for dinner last night.  Today is my super sweet brother-in-law's birthday and Wednesday is the hubby's birthday so who can blame a mama for wanting to fuss over her boys???  

I am currently cooking through my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks because I am just slightly obsessed with her and have three new cookbooks of hers that I need to perfect.  Hubby got me  Barefoot Contessa At Home  for Christmas and I love it because it offers some light and refreshing meals (which is good since I am trying to work off the gluttony that was Christmas/New Year's).

On Saturday night, we enjoyed her goat cheese and sun dried tomato stuffed chicken. I am not wild for sun dried tomatoes so I substituted roasted red peppers. Wow!  Just wow!  I paired it with creamy parmesan rosemary polenta and parmesan roasted cauliflower from the same cookbook.  They are all keepers!

She has a lot of really good simple salads and sandwich recipes in this book that will come in handy on the weekends.  Since we were going to Grammie's for dinner last night, I wanted a light yet fulfilling lunch and her Egg Salad with Smoked Salmon Tartines were the ticket.  I used a multigrain flatbread and it was out of this world.  I served the hubby like a normal sandwich but made the tartines for myself and gobbled those suckers down like a Hoover on high. 

We don't eat this good during the week so I can't wait to try the next few recipes this weekend!
Stay tuned!


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