Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Festival of Brian

Today is my sweet husband's birthday.  And sadly, he is in New York for work all week.  So we've stretched his birthday out into what I have jokingly been referring to as "The Festival of Brian".  We celebrated last weekend, we will celebrate this weekend and we will enjoy a get away here once it warms up a tad.  And for the record, I am officially an idiot.  Our first get away without children in over two years and I take him fishing?!?!?!  Way to think it through...............oh well.  It WILL be fun. 

My Birthday Boy doing what he loves best
My boys love and want to be just like their Daddy

then again, he's a wonderful role model
Eat.Your.Heart.Out.Ladies - they are mine.
I am one lucky, blessed and happy girl.

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