Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Supper - Strip Steak with Cornmeal Onion Rings and Spinach, Pesto & Pea Salad

I think this picture speaks for itself..........

Sunday Supper was in honor of the hubby who spent his birthday last week at a National Sales Conference in Connecticut.  He has been eyeing the steak and onion rings recipe from Barefoot Contessa at Home, which worked out great since we had two strip steaks in the freezer.  The recipe calls for rib eye - but hey - use what you have. Are you starting to realize why I keep getting these cookbooks for presents???  He's a great taste tester and I am starting to think he is really buying them for himself.

I paired it with the Spinach, Pesto and Pea salad also featured in the cookbook.  It was amazing and my favorite part of the meal, which is saying a lot because it is hard to top steak and onion rings.  You toast up some pine nuts and mix it with spinach, peas, parmesan cheese and pepper.  To.Die.For.Yummsie.

You can get most of these recipes from Food Network. 



  1. My mother also said cookbooks don't count as gifts if they came from my father. Too funny!

  2. I quite agree! Rest assured, he spoiled me good!!! But he is a big fan if my new hobby. Hope y'all thaw out soon xoxo