Sunday, February 1, 2015

Impromptu Super Bowl Party

Y'all know I love to plan a party but rarely do I come downstairs from doing chores to find out a party has been planned without my knowledge.  Granted, it is Super Bowl Sunday, and I should have known the hubs would want to watch football; but this just takes the cake.

We lived in Washington, DC for 8 years in which the hubby became a huge Redskins fan.  Evidently, at some point during the afternoon, he ran out and got some wings, celery/carrots/ranch dip and some BBQ and then proceeded to make an indoor tailgate complete with Redskin paraphernalia.

Harrison kept asking why Daddy was pulling for the Redskins when we live in North Carolina.  He then wanted to know when the Panthers would take the field.  Finally, he was totally confused with the fact that neither team would be playing.  So there has been a lot of explaining going on and I have to say, it has been sweet watching the hubs take in his first Super Bowl with his two boys.  AND THEY ARE EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!  Harrison has already made Daddy promise to take him to a Carolina Panthers game this fall.  Too, too cute.



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