Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cupid's Luncheon

Happy Valentine's Day!  We have enjoyed a lazy day around the house but managed to whip up a fun lunch in honor of Cupid himself.

I love taking something as simple as peanut butter sandwiches and transforming it into a special meal.  I used a cupid and a heart cookie cutter to make the sandwiches, threw some apple sauce in a bowl and printed off this "Happy Valentine's Day, Cutie Pie" topper for some Oatmeal Cream Pies.  I wish I had thought of that earlier - I am definitely going to have to remember that for class valentines next year.  They washed everything down with a Pucker Up Kiddie Cocktail (which was really just 7 Up, Grenadine and cherries).  Lastly, I whipped up a sign with X's and O's that read "You are soooo loved".

When the wee ones sat down to the table, they had cards from Grandparents and other loved ones waiting for them.  It was a sweet time and the hubs and I exchanged our gifts as well.

Hope you are feeling loved - be it by family or friends today.  And speaking of friends, it is one of my best friends birthday today so happy, happy birthday, Naomi!!!

xoxo's - you are soooo loved!

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