Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Hunk At My House

It seems like my Facebook feed is blowing up with folks talking about the upcoming release of the movie 50 Shades of Grey.  Some good/some bad - that is fine.  I haven't read the books and have no intention of seeing the movie.  I'm not a prude and I have no problem with my friends who are excited to see the film.  But I will tell you this - a hunk lives at my house.

As I was cleaning today, I went to take something into my husband's office.  He is out of town on business but look what I found on his desk.

I know he takes time for devotional each day but just seeing The Word opened on his desk, next to his daily devotion book does something to me that I can't explain.  Sometimes I take our plain, everyday, ordinary life for granted.  So perhaps it is good medicine to walk into a room in the midst of chores only to be confronted with a simple reminder of the wonderful man you get to call your husband. I hope you've experienced this feeling.

I'll admit, I was attracted to my sweetie long before we started dating.  And when I scratched the surface I found a charming, witty and caring man.  But when I got close enough to know his heart, I fell madly in love.  There I found the man who would stand by my side in good times and bad.  A man who would handle the midnight feedings and diaper changes so I could rest.  A man who insists on cleaning the dishes after I make dinner.  A man who after a long, hard day at work, finds time to throw a baseball with his son and pick up dog poop in the front yard so I won't gag (like it is any less disgusting for him).  A man who bathes the boys each night because he knows squatting hurts my arthritis.  A man who does a million things without thinking or having to be asked simply because he wants to be helpful.  A man who loves The Lord, his family and his mama. This to me is a true hunk. Books won't be written about men like my husband and Hollywood certainly won't make movies about them - so you all can enjoy 50 Shades of Grey.  I'm going to enjoy the hunk at my house.


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