Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Home Office Nook

I am so excited to be blogging today from my very own home office nook.  It makes me so giddy to finally have a work space of my own.

For the past 8 months I have been paying bills, organizing school projects, jotting down grocery lists and all sorts of things from our dining room table.  All this did was create an unorganized mess as I moved piles from the table to the corner of my bedroom dresser and back again to the table.  But now, due to my "Operation Wasted Space", everything has a home and I can sit here and tend to all my Mommy Items.

You can read about my two part "Operation Wasted Space" here and here.

The upstairs landing is just enough space for me and I love that I have been able to use pieces that I have had laying around the house.  I didn't have to buy one thing to whip this spot together.  That almost gets me excited to pay bills.

Upstairs Landing

Desk and Office Closet

The left closet is now the Fly Fishing storage area and the door to the right leads to the guest bathroom.   That is the next project I plan to tackle....

Few things make me happier than being organized. Thank you 11 Magnolia Lane for inspiring the project.


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