Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So We Got A Puppy.........

The hubs has been wanting a puppy - an English Springer Spaniel puppy to be exact.  I finally caved in over the summer.  He convinced me that since he was working from home and I was currently not working that this would be the perfect time to train a puppy.   Well, he must have convinced me on a day that I forgot how much he travels.  Anyhoo -

Meet Grady.  I have to say, he is a super sweet dog.  He is good with the boys - most especially when they are chasing him with light sabers, pulling his tail and yanking on his ears.  He doesn't bark that much.  BUT (you knew it was coming), he's a puppy.  He's a bird dog.  He has A LOT OF ENERGY!!!!  So somebody cue Elvis because.........

You're The Devil In Disguise

what you don't see in this picture is that the trash can is on top of the toilet and the toilet paper is hidden. Grady's favorite game is grabbing toilet paper and taking off and unraveling the whole.dang.roll!

Oh! Yes, You Are

The Devil In Disguise

Like the polka dot carpet - augh! gross......

And as if on cue, I am off to rescue my couch pillow from the dog.  

Have a great, puppy-free day!


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