Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mad About Mottahedeh

I am linking up again with the Share Your Style party.  Last week, I opted for an entertaining entry with my Welcome Home Cheeseboard.  Today, I am sharing a sneak peak of how I style my home.

I was born an old soul and draw a lot of decorating inspiration from Colonial Williamsburg - think Baldwin Brass, mahogany, china, silver - you get the idea.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been mad about Mottahedeh. I blame my mother.  She would drag me from one antique shop to another as a child but certainly had a huge influence on my own style.  While my friends would be playing Barbies, I would be pouring over her catalogs oogling at all the pretty things.

But back to Mottahedeh.  Mother loves the Tobacco Leaf pattern and has it all over her home.  When it came time to start building my collection, I chose the Duke of Gloucester pattern.  Here is how I prettied up a corner in my dining room.

As  you can see, this is a tricky space to decorate due to the vent.  
My wall shelf and plant stand fill the space perfectly.

I hope you enjoy!


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