Monday, August 26, 2013

Breakfast of Champions

Friday was H's last day at his Montessori school.  I had a ball pulling out all the stops to make him feel like the super star that he is.


The day started with a "Breakfast for Champions."  I laminated a cute piece scrapbooking paper with a school theme to use as a placemat.  I then made H a "Wall of Fame"  list of accomplishments for us to review during breakfast.  I purchased him his very own, Oh! The Places You Will Go book and documented the accomplishments listed on his "wall of fame."  I plan to update it ever year so that as he grows, he can look back at what he did each year.  Of course, the printables were lifted from Dixie Delights (I'm so glad she has super cute ideas that she is willing to share!!!)

I think this smile says I accomplished my goal of making him feel like a champ. 

Not wanting to leave little brother out, I made sure to fuss over him too.  He still attends the year-round Montessori School and he moved up to the Older Toddler class a month ago - but we gave him a good fussing over too.  He was more interested in the French Toast and a little less interested in Mommy shoving the camera in his face.

Finally, I couldn't let H leave our sweet Montessori school without the teacher's knowing how much we appreciate them.  I carved a watermelon to look like a monster that served as  a fruit bowl.  It had a sign that read, "Thank You For Taking Care Of My Monster."  I also gave them a copy of the "Hall of Fame" accomplishments that I made for H.
Now, let the fun of dropping off kids at two different schools begin!


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