Monday, August 12, 2013

School Prep

I cannot believe there are only two more weeks of summer here in Western NC!!!  My boys are currently in a year-round Montessori school; however, Thing 1 has aged out and we've had quite the time figuring out what to do with him.  After much hemming and hawing, we've decided to enroll him in Transitional Kindergarten (TK). 

TK was created at a local Church 17 years ago by a lady who felt the need for a specialized program for children with late spring/summer birthdays.  It has since grown like wildfire and is very popular in these parts.  Technically, Thing 1 qualifies for Kindergarten this year since he turned 5 on June 29th.  However, it never felt right going through the motions of enrolling him.  The majority of his friends turned 5 late last year or during the early winter.  We hated to hold him back simply because everyone else in town did - but at the same time, didn't want him starting Kindergarten with children who are 6-9 months older than him.   

TK is essentially a half-day Kindergarten program and I am very happy with our choice.  He will get out at 12:45pm (versus his current 5pm pick up from Montessori) and follow the local school system's schedule (i.e. -spring break and summer break).  He will also have a formal lunch period where he can either purchase lunch from school or have a lunch packed from home.  Well, this has created a big excitement with Thing 1 as we have a date this week to go pick out his first lunch box. With his excitement of a lunch box came my curiosity of packing healthy lunches.  And with that, my new favorite cookbook author, Rebecca Lang, came to my rescue via her blog last week.

Katie Sullivan Moreford has put together a cute cookbook created to satisfy both Mommy and child.  I believe most of the recipes will be a bit advanced for Thing 1 but it gives great ideas and also wonderful pointers on using leftovers.

Read Rebecca's blog here:


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