Friday, August 16, 2013

Camp Harrison

In late June we celebrated my sweet Harrison's 5th birthday.  5 already - how in the world did that happen???  Well, there is nothing like a birthday party to through Mommy into full party-planning mode.  And boy oh boy did I have fun with this one!

First off - I have to give all credit to Pinterest.  I had in my mind what I wanted but had no idea how to pull it off.  I am not a crafty mama - more the, "this is what I want, where can I buy it" this DIY world is proving challenging.  After a few hours spent on Pinterest, the party was planned thanks to so many other creative Mommy's who had "been there, done that".  Here are the results:

A super cute invite....

adorable printables.......

(How in the world did I forget to take a picture of the sideboard with all the food???)
Rookie Mistake
Another - "this looked cuter on pinterest" attempt at baking.  Here are the fishing cupcakes.
which melted in the heat.......

We assembled an obstacle course
and a fishing hole............

but in the end, the kiddos just ran around the yard while the adults chatted on the porch.
And since no campout is complete without 'Smores, each camper got to take one home

And after our family birthday dinner, we enjoyed a campfire cake
a Hungry-Hungry-Hippo challenge (the birthday boy won)
and what southern, summer night would be complete without a fire fly hunt????
Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  You are my sunshine!!!

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