Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lilly Luncheon

A sweet friend of mine celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago so I decided to have her over for a Lilly Pulitzer inspired luncheon.  It seemed perfect as she adores all thing Southern - monograms, seersucker, Lilly Pulitzer and bow it any wonder we've become such great pals???  And since I am the lone Miss Priss in a house full of boys, I was more than thrilled at the opportunity to have a frilly, girlie luncheon.

She also visits my hometown, Atlanta, a lot and I've been telling her that she needs to take her daughter to lunch at Swan Coach House.  The Swan Coach House has been the focal point of every major event in my life - mother/daughter teas, Daddy and Daughter trips after my second visit to see The Pink Pig during Christmas, the place where I received the keys to my car on my 16th birthday, my farewell lunch before leaving for college, where I had my first mimosa for my 21st birthday and, of course, the site of my bridesmaids luncheon.  I still take my mother there every time I am home in Atlanta.  So since I couldn't take my friend to Swan Coach House, I brought Swan Coach House to North Carolina.  Here's my version of the classic, "Swan".

The Classic Swan - Chicken Salad in timbales with frozen fruit salad and cheese straws

My version:  Chicken Salad on lettuce with grapes and cheese straws

There was also no way I was going to try to replicate the classic Swan mousse for dessert.  So - in the, "This looked better on Pinterest" category, we have my attempt of high heeled cupcakes.  At least they tasted yummy..............

Learn more about my favorite ladies luncheon spot here:

Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!


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