Sunday, August 4, 2013

Superhero Lunch

As I posted yesterday, I hosted a fun Lilly Pulitzer inspired lunch for a friend to celebrate her birthday.  While we were excited, our 5 year old boys could have cared less about a frilly lunch.  No worries - this was nothing a quick trip to Target couldn't fix.  I bought a $5 Spiderman DVD, some Justice League paper plates, napkins and cups; then scooted over to Office Max to laminate some quick and easy placemats for my two favorite superhero's.  Their lunch was nothing fancy - turkey and cheese sandwiches with pretzels and grapes.   I rooted through old Halloween costumes and pulled out Spiderman and Batman masks and viola!!!! my superhero luncheon was complete.  All this action packed fun cost less than $10 - looks like Mommy was the superhero of this party...........KAPOW!

Superhero Lunch Table
Quick and Easy Superhero placemat


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