Friday, August 2, 2013

Put Some South In Your Mouth!

I always say that all good things hail from Georgia.  In this instance, my good thing the Vidalia Onion.  Don't call them yellow onions.  Don't call them sweet onions.  Those are fighting words for a Georgia native.  They are VIDALIA onions - supreme of all onions - and while they are often imitated, there is only ONE place you can grow and get REAL Vidalia onions.  And that place is Vidalia, Georgia.  And these sweet suckers were the star of my sideboard last night.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am cooking my way through Rebecca Lang's Around the Southern Table cookbook.  Granddaddy and Gigi gave me this wonderful cookbook for my birthday so I thought it fitting to prepare a meal out of it for his visit.  Stuffed Vidalia onions with pork sausage and cheese  accompanied by cornbread and balsamic tomato salad.  YUM!  Happy, happy belly.

You can learn more about Vidalia, Georgia and their famous cash crop here:


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