Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Harrison's Corner

I really need to remember that I created this blog for entertaining and recipe ideas because, alas, another night of a yummy dinner has passed without a photo!  A quick recap is that the sideboard featured a quick & easy chicken and biscuit recipe with a fresh garden salad.  It isn't my yummy in the tummy, go-to weekend recipe; but it works wonders on a Monday night after a long day at work.  While the hubby was happy, Thing 1 and Thing 2 hated it - no gravy for them.  Evidently, I am raising someone else's children because not eating gravy in the South is akin to communism.  But I digress..........

What clearly has me preoccupied is my big boys transition to TK next Monday.  My obsession has grown to whatever level is after ridiculous.  You would think I was packing him for college!  However, what I am starting to realize is that my boys are growing way to fast and I have lost some precious time with them.  They have both been in full day (8-5 - Monday through Friday) daycare since they were 2 months old since I work.  Hubby and I are discussing cutting my hours to half day so I can be home with the boys when they are home from school.  He is totally in my corner and I could stay home full time now if I wanted.  So I am having this internal push/pull conflict of the realization that my priorities are WAY out of whack.  And for those that know me personally (um - perhaps the 2 people reading this blog - haha) you know that has not been a pleasant realization.

Since I am a strong believer in not making life altering decisions when you are twitterpated and unclear of the path that lies ahead of you, I continue to pray and ask for guidance from the only One who can give it to me - and press on.  H will now get out of school at 12:45pm.  Monday is hubby's admin day (he works out of the house) so H will go home on Monday's.  However, Tuesday - Thursday he will come to the office with me.  I don't work on Friday so that will continue to be our Mommy and Me day when I pick him up. 

I have created a fun work station for him (Harrison's Corner - seen above) and divided out activities for the time that he will be with me.  I'm not going to lie - I am totally jealous and want HIS work station!!!  Check it out....

Harrison's Work Station
Letter tracing, National Geographic for Kids, Reading folder, Math Folder, Coloring Folder, Bob starter reading books and his Leap Frog
Puzzles, Find the Letter game and his "I Can Tell Time" learning clock
It is a good thing that the majority of my meetings are in the morning...........

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