Thursday, October 17, 2013

Manners - Southern Style

While I am not as twitterpated as I was yesterday, I'm still in a bit of a funk.  I have a work event tonight that got thrown in my lap last minute (which I should have expected) and a weekend trip to Atlanta that has me down in the dumps.  I expect to be back to my perky self come Sunday afternoon.  Until then - blah, blah, blah............

I am very happy to report that H did not bring up the incident that happened on the way to his school yesterday.  So I didn't say a peep and went about my business.  But it still is with me and reminded me of three hilarious southern books on how we "do manners".

Year's ago, my father called me at work and I could not stop laughing.  I had just read a book review for The Official Southern Ladies Guide To Planning The Perfect Funeral:  Being Dead Is No Excuse.  Y'all, I was snorting with laughter.  I read some experts to Daddy and then we went about our conversation.  A few days later, I came home to a package.  Yep - Daddy sent me the book.  I had tears in my eyes as I read it.  It also had some pretty darn good recipes in it to.  It became a joke between the two of us and we would always read excerpts from the book when he'd come to visit. 

Fast forward a few years later and my parents were visiting after the birth of H.  We had gone up to Blowing Rock for the day and mother and I had stopped into an adorable silver shop.  All of a sudden, I hear my father laughing so hard, the silver was rattling off the shelves.  The shop lady was with him and they were both doubled over with laughter.  They were holding a book in their hands so Mother and I went over to inspect this curious scene.  Wouldn't you know it, they were holding the sequel to the funeral planning book.  It was called The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Planning The Perfect Wedding:  Somebody's Gonna Die If Lilly Beth Doesn't Catch That Bouquet.  Daddy bought it lickity split and we almost drove off the mountain laughing as we read it on the drive home.

During my first trip to Atlanta after S was born, I was having lunch with Mother at the Swan Coach House.  After lunch, we strolled through the gift shop and BOOM - there was a third book.  The Official Southern Ladies Guide To Being The Perfect Mother:  Some Day You'll Thank Me For This.
Well, you know I bought it.

I'm rambling but really - you need to get the books and read them. It doesn't matter what part of the country you come from - they are a good, fun read; and a sweet reminder of how we should act. I love the hilarity of southern manners - that we can poke fun of ourselves but know when it is time to straighten up.  We will bless you heart to the moon and back, give you an insult so sticky sweet you thought it was a compliment and be the first to your door with a casserole during any crisis.  So to the man in the car yesterday - well, bless your heart...........


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