Friday, October 4, 2013

Spooktacular Surprise #1

Each Friday in October, I love to have a fun snack for my boys when they come home from school.  I pretty much do this every Friday - but I crank up the fun during the holidays.  And yes, I consider Halloween to be the start of the holidays.  Call me crazy.

First off - I went nuts last night on Pinterest.  That place is like the Bermuda Triangle......just sucks you right in!!!  You go on to look for a recipe and leave just knowing you HAVE to paint your garage floor.  I am convinced Pinterest is every husband's nightmare.  But I love it and had a ball pinning all sorts of Halloween goodness on my boards.  (And let me just send a huge shout out to all you creative ladies who are so sweet to make adorable printables and post them for free.  I was shocked not to find myself directed to an Etsy store to make a purchase.  Thank you, thank you!!!)

So the boys will come home to their new Halloween coloring books and my tried and true boo cookies.  The cookies are drying now and I can't wait to see how Spencer reacts.  Harrison loves them.  They are nutter butters dipped in white chocolate with chocolate dots for eyes and mouth.  Super easy and super fun. 

And since this is what I woke up to, I think we all could use some extra sugar today.
Have a frightfully fantastic Friday!!!


  1. Just found your blog! That is such a cute cookie! I agree about Pinterest sucking you in! New follower!